Thursday, February 17, 2011

My love today is...!

Today I love baking just because I feel like it.

It helps me think, and relax.
Today I was really upset because somebody didn't want me to work for them (at a cake place) after I was there for a couple trial days. I tell myself that it was about my work, not my person. I don't want to know I don't work satisfactory to someone's standards, but I guess it's better than they didn't like me...?
Anyway... I'm going somewhere with this!
I got finished talking to this woman who didn't like my work... and decided I really wanted to bake. I bought a couple of things and went home to bake.
After crying for a few minutes (I cry WAY too much...), I started to make a recipe I saw in my magazine. It was a delicious chocolate whoopie pie! MMM! :D Everything turned out great, and afterwords, I didn't feel like crying.

I know I always say something about John, but last night I expressed my concerns about this job, and how I knew I wasn't staying long, and you know what he told me?? He told me he was proud of me. And that I do my best, and to keep trying.
So I love John again today. :)

That is my story today! Hopefully I will be more successful in finding a job that likes me soon!


Kylie said...

You'll find the right job for you :) Good post Alli!

Megs said...

I'm so sorry about the job! That is hard.... but you will definitely find something that is right for you and that you love! it is hard to keep waiting though... but it will come

your blog is so cute! I'm glad you posted :)