Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Family of Three

I went to my friend, Autumn's, house yesterday to see her beautiful new baby! She was adorable! anyway... When I went over, Autumn said how weird it is to say she has a family of three now. So she is my inspiration for the title today! :D Thanks Autumn.

So, recent testing and such have brought us to the point we are at right now. We went to an appointment to follow up on the tests to see what was going on, and the doctor suggested we have a pregnancy test. So we had the blood drawn, thinking nothing of it, but secretly crossing our fingers that it was positive. At about 4 I recieved a phone call informing me that my test was positive! I'm PREGNANT! I was really excited, but I had no idea how to respond to the test because I didn't know what was next on the agenda, so I waited quietly for the lady to continue talking. She put me on hold to schedule me for an appointment, and for what seemed like 5 minutes I cried. I was so happy! I was scheduled for an ultrasound the next day, and I was given a perscription to pick up that evening. I wasn't sure how to tell John the news, so I wrote him a card, told him I'ld be home late, and to read the card.
When I got home, John was watering the garden, not reading the card... I asked him if he read the card and he said no. Somehow I wasn't surprised... I told him to read the card. He told me to read it to him, and I didn't want to!!! Finally he figured out that I had news and asked is there something I need to tell him. I nodded my head and he just hugged me so tight! We went inside ad read the card together, signed, Mommy and Baby.
Since that day, we've been doing a lot of planning. We can't choose a name, but I don't think I can decide until after I know the sex of it... Too many options! We purchased a crib and diaper table... Oh and we started cleaning out our junk room to start the nursery.
Everything is so exciting and so new! We never know what to expect, but we're excited to see what happens!
OH! My current due date is December 28, but my doctor's thinking of having baby out before Christmas. We'll see what happens! :) Today I am 13 weeks, ALMOST in my second trimester. Everything is great, I'm feeling rather well... minus the occasional nausea, and John is ecstatic and trying to be as supportive as he can.
That is our story today, "our family of three."

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recent Events

These past couple weeks have helped me see the important things in my life.

Who cares what things I own? As long as I have John, a house, and food to eat, nothing else really matters! I'm blessed with a wonderful family who loves me, and will help me with anything, no matter the cost.

This gospel is the only true gospel, and I'm grateful to have it. To know, without a doubt, that my Heavenly Father loves me, and that I'm His child. I am so happy to know that, no matter what, I'll have someone to talk to in times of need or dispair. I love the temple and how it brings total peace to my soul when I'm there.

I am a truly blessed woman, and I need to remember that. My life here on Earth is meant to test and strengthen me. All that I go through has a reason, and I can and will perservere.

I suppose this is my testimony, and I'm glad to share it.

thanks for reading,


Thursday, March 17, 2011


Sometimes, do you just wish you could say how you were feeling, but you didn't want to upset anyone? And keeping it in just made you more sad???
That's how I feel right now. I just want selfish things, but why can't I, just sometimes want something for myself?

Anyway, that's my sad story for the day.

But, I did make some pretty good Buffalo Wing Wraps today. Except the breading wasn't crunchy enough.. Sad face... Otherwise, it was a winner. :)
Thanks Rachael Ray. That's what I love! Rachael Ray. Her food is usually pretty good, and I LOVE her dishes and utensils.

I want all of them!!! SEE! (I especially like the casserol dishes and serving dishes..)

Anyway... That's enough of my rambling for today! Thanks for reading.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My love today is...!

Today I love baking just because I feel like it.

It helps me think, and relax.
Today I was really upset because somebody didn't want me to work for them (at a cake place) after I was there for a couple trial days. I tell myself that it was about my work, not my person. I don't want to know I don't work satisfactory to someone's standards, but I guess it's better than they didn't like me...?
Anyway... I'm going somewhere with this!
I got finished talking to this woman who didn't like my work... and decided I really wanted to bake. I bought a couple of things and went home to bake.
After crying for a few minutes (I cry WAY too much...), I started to make a recipe I saw in my magazine. It was a delicious chocolate whoopie pie! MMM! :D Everything turned out great, and afterwords, I didn't feel like crying.

I know I always say something about John, but last night I expressed my concerns about this job, and how I knew I wasn't staying long, and you know what he told me?? He told me he was proud of me. And that I do my best, and to keep trying.
So I love John again today. :)

That is my story today! Hopefully I will be more successful in finding a job that likes me soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Today my love is....

My husband. I know that's a given. But today I just couldn't wait for him to come home. I start missing him at random times, on random days. Today was that day. It was about 4 o'clock, after I was done babysitting. I thought to myself, "Ooh! Only two more hours to seeing John."

Those were the slowest two hours ever.

When John finally got home I just hugged him for about ten minutes.

I love you, John.

You make me happy when I just want to cry. And when I do cry, you understand. If you don't understand, you just hold me until I'm done. I love that.

You always make me laugh.

I love to tickle you, even though you hate it. (secretly you like it...) ;)

Your eyes are beautiful.

I'm motivated by your perserverance and strength. I love our memories together. :D


This month is February. The shortest month of the year.

Yet, it's probably one of my favorites:
  • The weather is always nice... except this year, it's freakishly cold.
  • The color pink is everywhere.
  • Football season ends. :)
  • Oh ya and... It's the month of LOVE!

I've never really been able to get into Valentine's Day. I don't know why, but it's not like I HAVE to be romantic on that day. Why do we think that one day a year is meant to show our love for someone special? Why can't it be all year?


This month, in honor of Valentine's Day, I'm gonig to get on here as much as possible, and share what I'm in love with. It could be my husband, the temple, chocolate... Whatever I'm in love with that day. So... here goes! Enjoy the month. :)