Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Photos found!

So these photos are from a very long time ago.. Like... January.

But I wanted to post some newer pictures of John and I.

Here's the story behind the pictures:

We went to Utah for John's best friend's wedding. John was the best man... We HAD to go! :D The weather was amazing! Why can't it be like that in AZ more often??? :) Anyway, the sealing was at the Bountiful Temple. It's a gorgeous temple! It's on the top of a hill, so you can see the whole city below. We loved it. :)

While we were waiting for the bride and groom to exit the temple, a bunch of kids kept staring at me! I couldn't figure it out... So finally, a kid comes up to me and says "Ashley Tisdale... Can I get your autograph??" I was so confused! So the rest the day they were video taping me and doing weird things around me. Awkward! Ever since then, a lot of people have been mentioning how much I look like her. Crazy!!

Thanks for visiting today!

P.S. Thanks to Autumn for the SEXY bexy outfit! :)