Friday, July 30, 2010

I think I lied almost 3 months ago...

I told you all I would have more up in May... That didn't happen.

I have plenty to post, I just keep forgetting my camera when I go where there's internet.
I will update you, without pictures. :)

John was looking on Craigslist for stuff, and randomly fell upon weiner dogs for sale... cheap...
We decided to check it out, and on that same trip, we got two new puppies. eventually I'll get some pictures up, but for now, you'll have to imagine little fuzzy balls that are 5 weeks old...
Now they're almost 12 weeks old, and ready for their second immunizations. The first one, we decided to give ourselves, and it was really scary, and slightly difficult! This second one, I think we may bribe someone with experience into doing it for us! :D Now, they're taking training classes, and I really hope they work! So far, I think Cheery (oh ya, their names are Cheery Lynn and Dick...) is doing the best. She loves getting those treats and she'll figure out any way to get them... even if that means doing what I tell her! hehehahaha! (that was my evil cackle... kackle? i dunno how to spell that...)

These doggies are a huge handful, but I think in the end they'll be a lot of fun for us and our future kids.
What else is new?? Our house is doing great! We've finally finished our painting. All we had to do was our bathroom and bedroom, but deciding on the color for the room was so difficult. But, it happened! We chose a really happy, vibrant blue. It's pretty relaxing at times, and at other times, it makes me oh so happy. :D Our painting excursions are over for now, until we have a baby. haha.

School starts in less than a month for me, and I'm not ready to be cooking all night! I need to get pumped for it. Any suggestions??? :) School shopping always gets me excited, but I don't need normal school supplies... in fact I don't even need to buy any supplies... :( dang it. Ah well... just give me some pointers!

I'm pretty sure that's all the info I can conjure up for now, so, until the time I finally post some pictures, farewell.