Wednesday, October 6, 2010

As of Late

I'd like to introduce you to our puppies! We've had them now about 4 months, and they are little handfuls! In the top pic is left, Cheery Lynn, and right, Dick. We picked them up when they were 5 weeks old, much TINIER than this. They were a good price and couldn't pass up the offer. I didn't really want two, but to take one and leave it at home alone just couldn't be accepted! So, we bought a brother and sister. No, we won't breed them. That is just wrong. On our way home, I knew John was going to name the boy Dick (he's always wanted a boy weiner dog to name him Dick...) and I just had no idea what to choose for the girl. The street we pulled off of was Cheery Lynn, and that was just TOO cute to pass up. They love sleeping, if you couldn't tell, but they love cuddling more. I love the days when I'm home alone and want to cuddle, they'll always be there! Yesterday-
Yesterday was the stormiest day I have seen in years! There was hail, extreme winds, power outages and LOTS of rain! That just meant I got to stay inside and make dinner. :)
The final product: Stuffed peppers and white steamed rice. YUM! This is what they do... They sleep. I brought this pillow home from my parents not knowing what I would do with it, it's HUGE and very pink. I put it down to do something, and there they were, layin' there, watching me like "what'd I do? This is for me, right?" I couldnt' take it away...

New Projects and Talents... If I can call them that...
I started knitting last week, sort of something to do while I watched conference... Well, it's grown on me, and I will be keeping you updated as I go! I'm currently working on a scarf, just for the practice of making big things. Eventually I want to make little blankets or jackets- you know, baby shower gifts... Also I'll make grown up sized stuff too, just give me some time for those!

These are blurry pictures, but I started making clip boards. It was an idea from my sister, and I got addicted to the idea, so I finally went out and bought paper, modge podge, clipboards... everything! haha. I love the final product, but making them is a pain! These I like to give as gifts for birthdays or maybe even wedding gifts.

John has been growing out his hair... He can't figure out how to style it, so he combs it all wacko and asks me to take pictures... This is the style that I HATE when he does it. Middle parts are for creepers... not my husband.
Other than all that, I've just been going to school and John's been working. We're so exciting that we watch movies a lot! Eventually we'll find a hobby we both like doing together, but for now it's that or playing Wii... (Wii would like to play)

Oh, here are some pics from school! These are some dishes I'm proud of... :D
Poached Pear Napolean. This is a salad with some pears poached in Port wine. The dressing and sauce are made from the poaching liquid.

This was a practical I did. We had to make two salads, and I chose not to go with the traditional ones, and made a Waldorf salad, and a warm potato salad. Both turned out great and tasted amazing!


Kylie & TJ said...

Now you need to teach me how to cook! I wish we could have dogs....

amy root said...

cutest puppies ever!! you're such a good wife, check out your amazing food...poor stephen has to deal with my less-than-wonderful cooking :P

Allison Griffin said...

ummm, just cus i cook amazing at school, doesn't mean it always turns out great at home... i'm STILL learning. haha