Sunday, February 28, 2010


Welcome to our humble abode. :D It still has some things we need to do before we can move in, but it's still home.
I'm so grateful for the economy right now! I know it's horrible, but it helped me get into such a wonderful property with a great price. :) I should call my blog "I'm grateful for" because all I ever say is what I'm thankful for! Anyway... Here are some pictures before everything gets fixed up and our stuff is inside.

Front yard

First sight of the front room

Entry way


Family room

And a random picture of John's beard. :D He's in love with his facial hair, so I thought I'd share it with you all...


josh and allie said...

um okay where do you live? I swear I have seen that house before! haha. Love it!

Allison Griffin said...

well... it's in san tan valley, about two miles from ben and michelle. :)
it's looking WAY better! once i can finally download my pics to the computer, i'll bet them on here ASAP! :D thanks allie!