Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 1 of the Culinary Arts experience

So, as you, my followers know, I started Culinary school last week. I was so scared for it to start! The week before and even a couple days before I was worried I wouldn't like it, or that I wouldn't be good at what I was doing... But I'm doing great! I just wanted to update you with some of the yummy treats I got to make and experience for the first time.

This was my first dish I made. A brie flan with caramelized blueberries, bananas, and raspberries. It was a yummy treat!

Here's a closer shot of the flan.

On Friday, we had the day off for making things for customers, so we had more time to learn about new things. This is the start of a Danish pastry that was simply amazing! Sorry I don't have a finished product of this one. :(

Here's another Danish pastry... Just shaped differently. The filling was a Danish filling consisting of cream cheese vanilla and sugar. (wayyy easy!) The other two fillings were fruit fillings from a can. (that was even easier!)

Here's a shot of our professor/ chef teaching us how to frost a product... Baker's style!

Friday was an awesome day for learning... But I also got to eat and take home some AMAZING goodies. Not all of them were sweet either. We had one with mushrooms and bacon and cheese on it... another one was cheese and herbs. Baking and pastries isn't just all sweet stuff, I learned. I'm so excited to keep you guys updated on what's new in my Culinary world!




Dark Family said...

mmmmmmm YUMMY! I am so jealous, I would totally love this school! haha

Kylie said...

Alli!! I just found your blog through Liz's. Super cute :) Anyways, congrats on culinary school! My cousin just graduated from SCI as a pastry chef too!

Michelle said...

ONE: How did I not know you had a blog?!
Two: CUlinary school?! That is so awesome I had NO idea!
OH my goodness I miss your face! It has been so long since I saw you last! I am so excited for you this journey seems like it's going to be amazing! Lucky you! :)Good luck love!