Monday, January 12, 2009

Get to know us!

John and I started dating in June. We spent as much time together as we possibly could, almost from the beginning! We enjoyed our time alone together, but we also loved time with friends and family. We did everything! We went to the lake, to movies, to shows, to theme parks, to... OK you get the point!
John has so many goals and dreams, and I hope that they all come true. I'm open for pretty much anything, so of course I'll be right beside him in his choices. He's studying to be a physical therapist and hopes to open his own practice someday.
For me, I'm the musical type. I do everything involving music. Singing, trying to dance, and I play the violin. My love for music has pushed me toward being an orchestra teacher. This has been my dream for years.
We live in Mesa now and attend MCC. We hope to be in Flagstaff soon, attending NAU.
Our life together will be a journey and an adventure! We can't wait for what's next to come!

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